The Vinyl Revival

The nostalgia, the tactility, the art work; we all love vinyl. We just can’t help it.

Vinyl records possess a crackly warmth and sound quality that is as of yet unrivaled, even by its CD and digital counterparts. In this age of downloads, many may have thought that this would in turn mean the death of the vinyl. But in 2011, vinyl sales were the highest they have been in six whole years, and Record Store Day has helped raise awareness and restore vinyl sales figures.

Record Store Day is the one day of the year that all independent record stores unite together to celebrate just how wonderful music is. Record labels release special vinyls and CD’s and music fanatics queue with fervour to get a hold of them. And not only that, the stores themselves celebrate by putting on live performances, meet and greets and DJ sets, amongst other more zany activities.This years Record Store Day is taking place on the 21st April, and there’s plenty happening…You can visit the Record Store Day official website to find out more here.

I spoke to Marty, the rather lovely coffee-drinking owner of Hot Rats, an independent record store in Sunderland, about why he thinks it is important to be involved with this day, and why vinyls have become so popular. Listen to us having a natter here:

One special release for Record Store Day is this little corker. In my eyes Soulwax can do no wrong; Neither can Arcade Fire. So this track, originally by the latter and remixed by the former, is definitely my cup of tea:

Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Soulwax Remix):

Be it a cynical marketing scheme from record labels or worthy endeavour to support independently owned record shops, Record Store Day is capturing the hearts and minds of all music lovers. Long live independent record stores. Long live the vinyl.

tGotR x