Other Bits n’ Bobs

I have knocked up a few other bits n’ bobs in my time too…


A Tale of Procrastination

As a typical procrastinator, the task of making a documentary is a daunting one…
After waiting, debating and hesitating (and with deadlines looming) all I could think of was why I was being so unproductive. I embarked on a journey; a mission, to discover the issues behind mental motivation, modern day technological disturbances and social distractions.
This documentary is a playful, self-perpetuating paradox. A Russian Doll, if you may: The more time I wasted the more material the documentary would generate, but in turn, the further away I was from the answer!
This is a personal exploration into an all too common problem that effects even the most successful, academic and scholarly of us all.


Tea & You

A short documentary into the nations favourite drink… In theory it should take you the length of the documentary to make a perfect cuppa. Try it out!



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